Renewable Power and Energy Credits

For The Oil & Gas Industry

Blue Sierra Power LLC

Blue Sierra Power provides Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.  The company’s 4 Managing Directors are seasoned C-level, proven senior corporate leaders with profit & loss responsibility in the power generation and hydrocarbon energy industries. The team has over 160 years of management experience in all aspects energy development from downstream operations and distribution, mid-stream logistics to upstream exploration & production energy sourcing.

Blue Sierra Power is in a strategic alliance with the world’s leading solar developer Diode Ventures®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Black & Veatch. Through this alliance with two world-class industry leaders, Blue Sierra brings to its customers the proven ability to complete renewable power generation projects on time, on budget, as planned.

diode ventures

Value Proposition

Blue Sierra Power has developed a commercial strategy and regulatory roadmap to build, own and operate utility scale renewable energy projects for our clients with little to no up-front cost. The strategy also employs an accelerated feasibility, permitting and construction process to bring renewable power generation projects into commercial operation years ahead of others, including the capture and monetization of renewable energy credits (REC’s) for our clients while lowering emissions and energy costs.

Indication of Interest Invited

Blue Sierra Power invites indications of interest from prospective and interested industry companies, using the Contact Us page herein, to see if your objectives and/or projects qualify for Blue Sierra’s programs and resources.  We invite a non-confidential high-level discussion with your company followed by, based upon mutual interest, a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement for more detail project development discussions and agreements.


Renewable power and renewable energy credits for the oil and gas industry.